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Our Mission

We enjoyed every moment of our life

European Projects

Cinzia PASQUALE, founder of 4SUCCESS2EU, proposes itself as a Facilitator for European and Public Fundings; she can build partnership and consortia in Europe,Ukraine,China through an international network of successful funded projects since 2014

Public Speaking

Invited speaker at various public events:

1)Innovative Logistics for Europe-European Commission Forum,Athens,November 2018

2)The Silk Road for Railways Infrastructures,Milan Stock Exchange,July 2019

Invited moderator for Alibaba/Liege Airport on The future of E-commerce and Logistics,December 2019

4success2eu works

1)Projects funded by European Union;

2)International focus/Europe/Ukraine/China;

3)European Lobbying and Finance Activities;

4)Regional Development through public and EU Funds.

4success2eu is

1)Host of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs 2022;

2)Partner of

3)Partner of

4)Member of

5)Member of

A bit of my history

Cinzia PASQUALE, Italian and Belgian nationality, began her career in Brussels in 2003 as a Consultant of the Italian Ministry of Constitutional Reforms during the Convention for the Future of Europe in Brussels.

Her others experiences include writing proposals on EU Direct Funds,Public Speaking activities on EU Institutions,EU Policies and EU Finance.

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